Play Area, Chandigarh

Completed, 2018

TRBC was commissioned to design a contemporary play area-cum-cafe for children aged 3-12 and their guardians in the heart of Chandigarh. The proposed facility was to be able to cater to birthday party group bookings, regular workshops for kids, as well as a walk-in facility for kids to play in and guardians to wait-it-out in a more than comfortable environment over a cup of steaming coffee and mouthwatering accompaniments.

The two floor cafe was divided into an upstairs ticketed play area (outsourced to an international indoor-playground execution consultancy; not in pictures) and a lower floor contemporary cafe themed around playful prismatic geometry in pantone shades. The cafe area was to incorporate a tasteful albeit playful kiddie zone, replete with a children’s buffet and activity area.

The brief was exceptionally challenging in the sense that the facility had to be conceived of as gender-neutral and age neutral (grandparents can accompany toddlers), child friendly and more importantly, stain resistant!