Frida Pool house

Frida Pool house

Farmhouse, Shahbad

Completed, 2018

TRBC was commissioned to design a pool house as an extension to a farmhouse in Shahbad, replete with a swimming pool, pergola, barbecue area, an outdoor bar and guest accommodation with a kitchenette, a bedroom and en-suite bathroom. The clients expressed their wish for shielding this poolhouse from the main house for privacy purposes, as they visualized hosting people regularly at this facility.

Also, due to the artistic inclination of the couple (and the lady of the house choosing to regularly express herself through wall murals and paintings), the walls were to essentially function as a blank canvas extending out of earthy and lush greens, hemmed in by stone. The couple was extremely inspired by deep Aztec tones with flourishes of terracotta and pop yellow, resulting in a varied, interesting palette.

The existing architecture of the main house was to be kept in mind, so the design expression of the poolhouse was never visualized as a complete departure from a conservative aesthetic.