Casablanca Apartment

Casablanca Apartment

Residence, PANCHKULA

Completed, 2017

Casablanca was a project that required a typical just-got-possession builder flat to be transformed into a habitable, comfortable environment for a family of four, with partial re-purposing of old furniture on the cards.

Operating off the base of just-enough finishes provided by the builder, our team infused into the aesthetic a touch of contemporary Mediterranean, evoking the feel of a modern day Moroccan space. The use of lush fabrics, teals, bronzes and golds, loose drapery partitions, wood jaalis and soft arches not only reflected the Casablanca-esque feel, but also subtly hints at the family’s Rajasthani roots.

Of particular note is the woodwork of the apartment: the consoles, wardrobes and storage units are statement pieces in contemporary design, with the finest quality workmanship: a touch of finesse to complete the experience.